Zac Dowker ’00- Pop and Weasel

In addition to Dr Zac Dowker (’00) running his own private chiropractic clinic, he has recently launched a new children’s footwear brand called Pop and Weasel, alongside his wife Fleur.

Zac and Fleur saw a gap in the marketplace for children’s footwear that had a creative edge. Their goal was to fill this gap with their first collection inspired by the belief that every child is led by their imagination. Pop and Weasel focuses on inspiring creativity in children while encouraging them to explore the world of play.

There is a shoe for every child and the bright and engaging prints draw attention from the beach goers, sport lovers, dancers, constructors (and destructors!) to name a few.

Guided by their tagline, ‘We are Pop and Weasel. Let’s Play’, and paired with exciting names such as Builder Boots, Magicools, Little Legends and Spacies, we have no doubt every child between the ages of 2 and 7 will be lined up asking their parents for a pair for Christmas.

As a brand, Pop and Weasel places a huge emphasis on sustainability and in ensuring their shoes are ethically made. The shoes are made from high quality, eco-friendly materials and are 100% vegan. With a focus on using ethically sourced materials, recycled textiles are used to help reduce the waste of clothing fibres in our planet.

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