Trevor Cotsworth ’07 Iron Man World Championship

A Huge Congratulations to Trevor Cotsworth ’07 for completing the Iron Man World Championship in Hawaii! Trevor placed 179th out of 346 in the Men’s 30-34 division. What an achievement!

A little snippet from Trevor’s recount on the day:

An experience I will never forget! I couldn’t be happier with how the day went and I’m super proud of my result. A little summary for those that followed along:

3.9km Swim: warm, clear water with constant rolling swell. Plan was to swim easy and keep HR in control as per coach’s advice. The first 1500m was chaos as the large Age Group sorted itself out. I managed to find some feet to swim on for the return and cruised on. Given conditions and non wetsuit swim, 65 min set me up nicely for the day.

180km Bike: tough course, constant undulating rollers and the inevitable packs made it a challenge to find some rhythm. Riding with the lava flows on the famous Queen K is something I won’t forget! I felt solid the entire ride with no flat spots, I was constantly drinking to ensure I was hydrated and avoid trouble later in the day. I stopped the clock around 5 hours which I was happy enough with. I know I can ride quicker and can push more power but I had not yet proven I can complete the entire run at this distance yet. I’m glad I stuck to the plan and stayed patient.

42.2km Run: coaches strongly advised to keep cool, don’t spike HR and remain patient through the Ali’i Drive section of the course (12km), I stuck to the plan and shuffled along. Amazing experiences amongst all the spectators in that section. Once up on the Queen K is when it really starts. I felt really good though but I was happy at my pace and knew if I maintained I would be satisfied with my day. I ran the entire marathon and only walked the aid stations to get ice and nutrition in. I could sniff the 10hr barrier towards the end and gave it a nudge for the last 4 or 5km’s running 4:40’s but I left the run a little too late.

Overall it was so surreal to have raced that race and I’m just super grateful I have lived and experienced that is the dream for many other Triathletes.

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