Sam & Rubi + Friends – Sam Torre ’15 & Rubi Dinardo ’17

OIG’s Sam Torre ’15 and Rubi Dinardo ’17 are hosting an exhibition at RMIT First Site Gallery featuring fellow Plenty alumni. The exhibition reflects on personal experience and imagination. “We are exploring both physical and ephemeral ideas in response to the house and considering that it is memories, stories and shared experience that shape a home. Collaboration has always been the centre of both of our practices, which is why we brought together a group of creatives compiled of both family and old classmates spanning 10 years in age”. Rubi who is currently studying Fine Arts and Sam who is currently studying Architecture are joined by: Lou Verga, ’10, who has recently completed his masters in literature Tori Dinardo ’13, who is currently studying Interior Design Will Dundon ‘16, who is currently studying Audio Production/Engineering As well, Joseph Fonti who is currently finishing his final year of Fine Arts.

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