Protecting our frontline – Dr Michael Mutavdzija ‘11

Ivanhoe Grammar School had a special visit recently from Dr Michael Zoran Mutavdzija ’11 and Dr Tony Truong from Protect our Frontline (pictured with Director of ICT and eLearning, Steve Brophy).

The School is thrilled to be supporting Protect our Frontline through the provision of essential 3D printed face-shields. The School’s 3D Printing Lab has been printing the headband part of the shield which holds the clear visor across the front. Protect Our Frontline was established by former school captain Michael Zoran Mutavdzija from the Class of 2011 to provide much-needed 3D printed face-shields to as many hospital staff members as possible, such as doctors, nurses, medical students, cleaners and chefs across Victoria.

We encourage our community to share this story and if you have an idle 3D printer to jump on board this worthy cause:

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