Peter Royce ’06, Senior Project Manager at Gallagher Jeffs

Peter Royce continues to display his Ivanhoe attributes through his work with 300 Blankets. Peter believes that through conversations and relationships, we can build trust and understanding between people and communities that can often be isolated. He reflects fondly on his time in Cambodia as the trigger that sparked his passion for creating community networks based on human connections and service.

“It opened my eyes to how you can help people internationally, but you can also help them in your local community. It took me many years to reconcile how much of an impact that trip had on various aspects of my life. It was only upon deep internal reflection as to where it [the passion to help people experiencing homelessness] comes from that I realised that it goes back to that Cambodia trip. It had a permanent positive impact.” 

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Peter Royce: Ivanhoe Grammar School (2006), Senior Project Manager at Gallagher Jeffs | Round Square

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