Olaf Juhnke ’82 returns to Ivanhoe!

Last week we welcomed back alumni Olaf Juhnke to the school!

Olaf completed his schooling at Ivanhoe Grammar School in 1982. His father had received a secondment from Germany and the family moved to Australia when Olaf was in year 8. After his last exam the family had dinner at the ‘Flower Drum’ and then boarded a plane back to Germany.

We had the pleasure of showing Olaf and his partner Sybillie around the School.
So much had changed since 1982.
He was thrilled to see his name was on the Honour Board as the Dux of Science in 1982!

Olaf had many stories to share about his time at Ivanhoe and was impressed how the School had developed over the years.

We loved reconnecting with you Olaf and hope to see you again soon!

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