Moon Dog World – Karl Van Buuren ’02, Jake ’98 & Josh Uljans ’02

Dubbed ‘A craft brewery on steroids!’ Moon Dog World is the latest project from our unconventional but genius alumni Karl Van Buuren ‘02 along with brothers Josh ‘02 & Jake Uljans ’98. After years of brewing successfully within the walls of Duke Street, Abbotsford, the boys decided they needed a bigger space to brew more beer in order to keep up with the growing demand from customers. The solution, Moon Dog World! An enormous brewery that holds 725 people, brews 10 million litres of beer per year, equipped with a bar that is loaded with 72 taps, a beer garden, a hidden tiki bar, a lagoon and waterfall, and a food menu that will satisfy all group sizes and dietary requirements. Make sure to pop by and explore this phenomenal venue! Well done boys.

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