Michael graduated from the Plenty Campus in 2009 and was school captain in his final year. Memorable moments during Michael’s time at school include attending the inaugural Ireland Football tour in year 10, contributing on a Cambodia Service project in year 11 and Vice-captaining the school first XVIII football team. Since graduating, Michael has kept in touch with the school community by coaching football and basketball teams at the plenty campus, tutoring students in various studies and returning to the school to speak at various mentoring and life after school events – as well as playing football for the Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Football Club for the past 6 years. Since graduating, Michael completed a Science degree and Master of Management at The University of Melbourne – joining Telstra’s graduate program after finishing his studies. Michael joined the OIGA as a councillor in 2010 with a passion for developing a strong OIGA network and is now our OIGA treasurer.