Old Ivanhoe Grammarian

Jo Hart - Class of 1999



108 Bourke Street Melbourne, VIC 3000


We all love a tan but who has the time to keep it up all year around? Well now you do…

Living and working in New York, Glow Station founder Jo Hart discovered the brilliance of the latest trend in tanning, the Mystic tanning booth. As a time poor city worker, the spray booth technology provided the perfect tanning alternative, so perfect that she decided to bring it home to Melbourne.

Glow Station brings the Mystic technology to a convenient Melbourne CBD location. A stop at Glow Station will have you in and out in minutes and on your way to developing the perfect tan. It is so quick and easy you can tan over a lunch or a work break, or duck in on your way home, throw your clothes back on and get on with your day. Unlike a traditional spray tan, there is no need to make an appointment, just head on down and start glowing!

Why is it different?

  • It’s quick, only two minutes in the booth
  • There are no give-away “I’ve just been tanned” odours
  • Completely private, no need to get undressed in front of a stranger
  • Sprays on clear, no messy sheets and clothes
  • Dries immediately