Old Ivanhoe Grammarian

Patrick Holcombe - Class of 2004


Hand Made In Melbourne


I make things!

If you need a little shelf to fit between your oven and “that strange bit of bench which sticks out” I can do that. If you need a creative way to display your Frankie and Smith magazines I can come up with something. If your kindling and firewood are mingling in a un-pleasing way I can help you out. I can build a bookshelf that covers an entire wall or a little shelf to hold your miniature porcelain shoe collection. Maybe you need a rustic coffee table or a spice rack? Should I continue?

You could probably buy any of these things from the countless warehouses of mass produced chipboard masterpieces but I would encourage you to ask me first. It will cost you less than you think, will look fantastic and will last approximately 10,000 times longer.

I love solving problems and I love working with real timber. I enjoy creating a piece that fits exactly the location it was designed for but I also create things which can be modified and moved from place to place as the need changes.

I believe in creating furniture which lasts. I  always use solid timber and design many of my pieces in a way which means that if it becomes no longer useful you are able to dismantle it and create something else.

I grew up in a huge rustic house in Kinglake which my father built from scratch. It was made entirely from mud bricks and recycled oregon from an old school which had been demolished. My dad wasn’t a builder by trade, he was an english teacher but he could create beautiful things from timber and he passed those skills down to me.

So next time you need something handmade and lovely, give me a call.