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Richard Brakha - Class of 1986



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A Matter of Fact has quickly developed a reputation as a specialist in investigative services throughout Australia. Our commitment to our customers, and our quality outcomes, are based on our three key principles:

We strive for consistency in our service delivery to ensure your experience is first class

We demonstrate expertise at all levels, and most importantly we understand your needs

Our work is guaranteed to have that special attention to detail that sets us apart from the rest.  By listening to you, we get the details right every time

A Matter of Fact provides quality workers’ compensation, workplace (including ethics and misconduct)factual, surveillance and liability investigative services.  Our people conduct themselves in accordance with our key principles.

A Matter of Fact guarantees the provision of the right information at the right time – our Leadership Teamboasts over 25 years of investigation experience specialising in workplace issues, IR / ER matters, and the insurance industry. 
In addition, our Surveillance Team brings over 20 years of field and leadership expertise in surveillance investigations, counter technical surveillance measures, corporate espionage  (including de-bugging), and general surveillance planning.  
A Matter of Fact has the track record to partner with you for your success.