From Law Student to Employee

Fabulous work by President of the Old Ivanhoe Law Society (‘OILS’) Nigel Preston (’72), with his recent publication of an e-book, ‘A job of choice after law school’.
Nigel has also launched a collection of YouTube videos of the same title intended for students nearing the end of their law degrees. The e-book will be published in the UK and possibly the USA before the end of this year.
“It appears that no-one has written a serious work about the transition from law student to employee of a law firm. Consequently, students have no real idea what appeals to law firms nor how to prepare for these ‘once only’ interviews. This book levels the playing field both with law firms and with other students”.
Members of OILS are entitled to this e-book at no charge. Contact #Egoyah #oigaalumni #oldivanhoelaw
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