Ellen Weigall ’13 – BABY Pink Gin

Wonderful to see Ellen Weigall ’13 feature in the Sunday Herald Sun with her BABY Pink Gin in hand.

Ellen is the Founder and Director of BABY Pink Gin, which is the only female-owned spirits company in Australia. Congrats to Ellen!

Ellen said “Up until now, I’ve been so nervous to put my face to the BABY name, for fear of being judged for being too young, too feminine or too inexperienced in the alcohol industry. But finally after 4 years of working so hard on this business, proving not only to the industry but to myself that BABY deserves to be on the shelves with the other premium gins, I’m ready to put a face to the name. It turns out being the only 100% female owned spirits company in Australia is a good thing!”

She also expresses “It’s hard to fully process moments like these, but I’m just so proud of how much BABY Pink Gin has grown and achieved in just under 2 years on the market. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported this adventure over the years, even bigger things to come!”

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