Dr Noel McLachlan ‘45 †

Graduated from Melbourne University in 1949 with a BA (Hons) in History and English, which was followed in 1957 by a PhD at the London School of Economics. He was on the staff of ‘The Times’ from 1956-63, the last three years as Lead Writer, and from 1959 reviewed Australian and other books for ‘The Times Literary Supplement’. In 1964 he was appointed Senior Lecturer in History at Monash University and from 1968-92 was reader at Melbourne University, editing Historical Studies for a decade. From 1977-79 he was Foundation Professor of Australian History at University College, Dublin. His books include ‘The Memoirs of James Hardy Vaux (’64)’, ‘The Penguin History of Australian Nationalism’, ‘Waiting For the Revolution (’89)’, and ‘Columbus and Australia: New World Nationalism and The Gulliver Complex (’94)’.

Fidelis Usque ad Mortem

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