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How $10 will make a difference to our Cambodian friends

Help us help our Cambodian neighbours

Service has always been a core value of an Ivanhoe education – Old Ivanhoe Grammarians’ understand and appreciate this.

A small gift goes a long way……….



A gift of your choice will

help to cover university fees for a single student for one year



A gift of $10 would

buy essential supplies for a baby



A gift of $20 would

provide critical medical care


teachers change lives

A gift of $50 would

provide much-needed educational resources

We are calling on alumni to help make a difference.

Every gift, large and small and everywhere in between, will improve the quality of life immediately for our Cambodian neighbours.

The 2016 House Competition…

Support our Cambodian neighbours via the House you were in while attending school and let’s see which House will provide the most support!