Reaching Alumni

One of the three core objectives of the OIGA is to ‘reach’ or ‘get in touch’ with our past students. Likewise, we want to be accessible to alumni at all times. There are multiple ways this can be achieved…

OIGA Connecting

Attend a Reunion

We hold decade, regional, interstate and overseas reunions. Contact your Peer Year Representative to ensure they have your up-to-date details in order to be invited. Likewise, if you move interstate or overseas, get in touch with the respective OIG Representative to build your network in a new, foreign city.

Drop into the ‘home’ of the OIGA

Come visit the Development Office (2 Merton Street, Ivanhoe) – and meet the Executive Officer of the OIGA, Geoff Brown ’62 and Elise Dunstan ’01, the Alumni Co-ordinator for the School

 Connect with OIG Reps

We have Alumni representatives for both Peer Years and International Old Boys & Girls.

We are always on the lookout for more OIG Reps and Alumni to get involved with the OIGA so please reach out and connect if you’re interested or visit the Get Involved page!

Attend an OIGA Event

There are many special interest groups, clubs and career-networking events held on and off-campus throughout the year. Consider these a great opportunity to meet and mingle with alumni of all ages and possibly for a particular purpose, but don’t forget to make yourself known to the OIGA representative so we can find out more about you and ensure we have your correct contact details.


Just short of 2000 followers, this page is an information hub of OIG news and events.

We encourage past students to ‘like’ the page and invite their peers and family to do so in order to build a bigger online network.


This is primarily a professional platform to connect alumni world-wide. Life Members of the OIGA will be approved to this growing network which seeks to connect and engage alumni on a professional level so they can:

  1. Share knowledge and experience
  2. Build mutually beneficial business opportunities
  3. Expand industry-specific networks
  4. Provide a platform for post and finding work experience and employment opportunities
  5. Endorse an alumnus / alumna to show further support