Term 4, 2020


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Term 3, 2020


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Term 2, 2020


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Term 1, 2020


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The OIGNC are looking to start their first mixed netball team this coming season. The season begins at the start of term 1 and games are played on Thursday nights in Macleod. The OIGNC welcome all skill levels and ages. They also have established women’s teams of varying skill levels if new members are interested.

Any keen OIGs please contact Emily at [email protected]

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To celebrate the OIGA Centenary our kayakers recently set off on an adventure of a life time and paddled the 130 kilometre Franklin River. The river is located in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park at in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. A combination of perfect weather and river height provided a stunning five day trip on one of the best multi day adventures anywhere in the world. Our kayakers are hoping that you will join them in one of their future adventures. Photo of “Rock Island Bend”, made famous by Peter Dombrovskis with the “photo that saved the Franklin”.

From left to right: Bill Hopper, Jack Currie, Scott Weston, David Gibbs “Gibbo”, Alan Robinson, Mitch Bodycoat, Alex Hopper and Joe Robinson

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Who’s the fairest of them all? – Nikki Wishart ’17

Nikki Wishart ’17, released her second single “Mirror Mirror’ via Spotify on Friday. Nikki hopes ‘Mirror Mirror’ shines light on looking beyond the mirror – realising self-worth, and making friends with your fears.

Nikki believes songs are “interpreted by people the way they want to receive it. Everyone will take pieces of their life experiences to draw out the meaning behind a song. That is what makes music special. That it’s universal. I hope this song reaches at least one person who needs it. That’s why I write music. Not only for its therapeutic properties but to allow others to not feel alone”

Stream ‘Mirror Mirror’ now on https://ampl.ink/nDkl8 If you are an alumni musician and would like to reach, connect and support with other like-minded alumni contact Mirella – [email protected]

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