Photo Gallery

Class of 2013 – 10 Year Reunion

The Class of 2013 gathered on 28 July 2023 at Hotel Collingwood. Many members of the Class have contacted the Association to express how much they enjoyed the night! Teachers, Graham White (the Year 12 Coordinator at the time), Lawrence Dalton and Renata Rowe were in attendance

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Class of 2002 – 20 Year reunion

We had a fabulous time hosting the Class of 2002’s 20 year reunion! We loved reconnecting with you all and we hope you had a great night! To the people who took the opportunity to view our new Sports and Aquatic Centre, we hope you enjoyed your

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Class of 2017 – 5 Year Reunion Plenty

Class of 2017’s 5 Year Reunion was a very successful night! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves as we loved reconnecting with you 5 years out of your schooling lives! A few photos from the night are below. If you would like any of these photos or more,

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