For some years now the OIGA has supported teachers from the village of Peak Sneng to attend University in Siem Reap. This is an on-going project and there is no doubt the impact of this support will be felt far and wide throughout the village.




In 2021 the OIGA Council committed to supporting the fees of two students from Peak Sneng to attend Build Bright University in Siem Reap

Srey Pov and Khaden, also known as Dan, commenced their studies in March 2021.  
They have recently written to the OIGA telling us a little about themselves and how they are progressing with their studies. Their letters are below.

Hello my name is Srey Pov. I am 21 years old. I am studying at Build Bright University, majoring in Marketing Management and Business.  I love this major because it offers many job opportunities to the undergraduate student and graduate student such as a sales manager, a sales representative, so on. More than that, my community needs a good marketing person to improve the marketing system and help local villagers to find better way to market their product, especially cash crop and livestock. I hope that in the short term future, I will be able to use my knowledge and skill that I learnt from university to develop my community and make a higher standard of marketing for my people through sharing and involving with the local farmers and local authority. 

Khaden is 23 years old and from a farmer family.
He has two sisters and two brothers. His two brothers and one sister are married. His younger sister gave up on school and helps the family with farming.
He is the only person in his family that has the opportunity to study at university.
His father lost his leg during the civil war. 
Their main income is from labour work and raising livestock, a few cows. 
Khanden is the only student who is interested in studying Agriculture relating to animals.
His dream is to become a great farmer and he wishes to have his own farm in the future.
He hopes that his dream will come true and bring development to his home village through sharing his knowledge and help other local farmers to become skilled farmers like him.
Khaden is also working in a local mart in Siem Reap town.
He says that he really enjoy life as a university student and also able to work to make money to pay for his rent and his daily expenses. He also said that he sometime send money to his family because his boss gives food (that is close to the expired date) to him and his friends to eat so that he does not have to spend much money on food. He also shares a room with other friends who work in the same mart.
He said that study and work is going good except his English. He finds it hard to listen to his teachers and friends when they have classes online. He promised to do his best in all the classes.




43 years old, father of 4 and Principal of Peak Sneng Primary School since 1999. Sambath will study Educational Administration.

Sambath wishes to improve his knowledge and hopes by taking this subject, he will be introduced to new strategies that will enhance his leadership skills and make Peak Sneng Primary School a better place for the students.


25 years old. Pahn is one of Peak Sneng’s best teachers and will study Khmer Literature.

“The reason I want to study Khmer Literature is I want to improve my teaching skill at the primary school. I love Khmer language and I want to spread this knowledge with the next generation. I would love to express my thanks for this opportunity”


28 years old and father of two. Nom will study Khmer Literature.

Nom has been a teacher at Peak Sneng Primary School since graduating from Provincial Teacher Training College in
Siem Reap. “I am so excited and thankful that you have given me this opportunity to pursue a higher degree at university, where I have always wanted to go”


28 years old and father of three. Savait will study Khmer Literature.

“I have always been dreaming of going to University and pursue a Bachelor Degree but I could not afford it. Finally my dream is coming true. I will try my best to compete all the courses and to make the best use of my knowledge to help our village.”