This Alliance intends on providing platforms for OIGs in business to connect and support one another. We encourage alumni to reach out and collaborate on a project, service or creation of goods. This Alliance isn’t just for alumni business owners, but for alumni working in diverse roles within various businesses. Another objective of this Alliance is to create cross-generational mentoring opportunities from the Buckley and Brown era alumni to graduates from the Sligo, Fraser and Foley eras. Ideally, this Alliance will assist with work experience placements for alumni tertiary students and Yr 10 School students. Alumni involved in the leadership of the Alliance will run ‘master classes’ which pertain to various aspects of business including: Marketing, Accounting, Economics, Logistics, Finance, Management, HR, PR and Entrepreneurship. These are just some of our objectives, but we want to hear from Old Ivanhoe Grammarians too – email us your ideas and will to be involved in 2017