Alumni back to start the conversation

On Monday 27 May, it was wonderful to welcome back to IGS alumni Jamie Forsyth ‘90, Elise Dunstan ’01, Lori Dalton ’01, Geoff Golden ‘02 and Hayden Burch ’11 to start the conversation on sustainability. Jamie, Elise, Lori, Geoff and Hayden were on the panel and provided information and advice that was accessible, thoughtful and motivating to the audience, which included current students and staff of IGS. It’s always great having alumni back in the auditorium to provide their knowledge and experience to current Ivanhoe Learners. Thank you to Jamie, Elise, Lori, Geoff and Hayden for giving their time and being a part of starting the conversation – as we know from little things, big things can in fact grow!

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