The OIGA Mission

Reach, Connect and Support Current and Past Students.

OIGA Life Membership

Life Membership of the OIGA has been encouraged since the Association’s foundation, and the number of Ivanarians taking this up increases with each year. Traditionally, the option is first put to parents of Year 12 students and whilst this continues to be first opportunity, alumni can attain Life Membership at any time in their life. It must be said that the output of the OIGA i.e. ability to reach, connect and support current and past students is in many ways influenced by the number of members who join the Association – we therefore strongly encourage it.

To find out if you are a Life Member of the OIGA, please email us [email protected]. To find out more information about what becoming a life member means and how to become one, use the links below.

Mr Victor Brown Era
Reunion 2010

Recent Life Members

Mr T A Grounds - Mr D J Carter - Mr D K Olsen - Mr D E Wilkes - Mr M D Bass - Mr A S Little - Ms E R Murdolo - Mr A T Ferguson - Mr L J Simionato - Mr I P Paraskevakis - Mr L G Ferguson - Mr N Q Cappola - Mr C A D'Elia - Mr M Leung - Mr D V Cascone - Mr A T McNeill - Mr C Launech - Mr P M Conway - Mr W J Snodgrass - Mr K D Leggett - Mr A J Samuels - Mr T R Theseira - Mr L J Gurrieri - Mr N S Walia - Ms E E Cvitak - Mr L P Gui - Mr L M E Caples - Ms S Liu - Mr J J Donaldson - Mr J C Altis - Ms S A Mackenzie - Mr L R Minney - Ms E M Phillips - Mr A J O Gould - Mr S Vujacic - Mr M J Crick - Mr H J Burch - Ms G E Jefferies - Mr T M Collier - Mr J D Powick - Mr A B Elvish - Mr B J Moncrieff - Ms C Pondel - Mr M J Harper - Mr M J Lagerwey - Mr J T Gibson - Mr B J Sathananthan - Mr A J Cooper - Mr L P S Seccombe - Mr J W Currie - Mr A Giannarelli - Ms R C Colquhoun - Ms F R Bertini - Ms G T Rogers - Mr J J Montebello - Mr O Xue - Mr M A Evangelou - Mr J B Lamb - Mr B K Woolnough - Mr J B Hawke - Mr W J Cuthbert - Miss M Hrysoulakis - Ms N Kandi - Mr A W Giddings - Mr A G Miles - Mr D M Brullo - Mr T Purarattanapong - Mr J B Moxon - Mr A A Abud-Rouch - Mr T J Kilikidis - Mr K Ragunathan - Mr M J Southwood - Mr D J G Taylor - Mr A Vasavan - Ms V P P Chung - Mr M Vyravipillai - Mr M R Wiseman - Mr I H Macdonald - Mr A J Robinson - Ms T P Cantwell - Ms A Karolos - Mr H P Webb - Mr S R Bladin - Mr K Ioannou - Mr J L A Kolacz - Mr J J Young - Ms F S O'Donnell - Mr H J C Turner - Mr H A Moran - Ms V G Stuckey - Mr L B Stuckey - Ms O R Altobelli - Mr J M Lennox - Ms N L Aslan - Ms L D Wheeler - Ms C M Wheeler - Mr J Ngo - Mr H L Inglis - Mr N L Anagnostou - Mr T J Graham - Mr J A Galea - Mr T R Congleton - Mr N T Kennedy - Mr G Papagrigoriou - Ms C J Remington - Mr M J Q Lai - Mr J D Graham - Mr B M F Minarelli - Ms A Mitris - Mr A G Chung - Mr K Desai - Mr W H Robey - Mr J H Bekkens - Mr D W Kelly - Ms T M Barclay - Mr J W Ballinger - Mr M Z Mutavdzija - Mr L J Andersen - Mr G P Scarlett - Miss E Nikolovski - Miss P P Y Boey - Miss E M Gilligan - Mr L Y Qi - Mr V Kondos - Mr A F Griffith - Mr M A Cowie - Miss R A Widyanti - Miss G K Tuisku - Mr D J Buckley - Mr C W Allshorn - Ms H Berry - Miss B Vukmirovic - Miss J S Good - Mr E G Tsakiris - Miss S I Koso - Mr J W Blum - Mr S Vyravipillai - Miss I Mohamud - Miss S J Karafilis - Mr A I McAnulty - Mr M B Wilson - Mr M L Kwak - Mr G Drapac - Mr D J Hooper - Miss K Duong - Mr A R Fry - Miss S E Buckley - Miss I M Bankes - Miss T K Neyland - Miss L A Ridolfi - Miss K L Nash - Mr Q Zheng - Mr R Xu - Mr D N G Hettiarachchi - Mr L Zhang - Mr B N Bakowski - Miss SHAO Ying - Miss W Xia - Mr Q GENG - Mr J Li - Miss A Petsinis - Miss S A Hambali - Mr C MacLeod - Miss M R Scott - Miss B M Cooper - Mr LIN Peng Wei - Miss Y Yang - Mr J L Kandell - Mr T J W Martonhelyi - Mr T J Lazarides - Mr H Wang - Mr J Tang - Mr C Xu - Mr Y Qin - Miss DONG Shiyun - Miss Q Chen - Mr CHEN Nan Jiang - Mr W Tang - Mr J Xie - Miss G Gibbings - Mr J Fan - Mr L Wang - Miss D B G Hettiarachchi - Mr L Al-Moktar - Mr N J J Ashton -

Founding The OIGA

On the 28th of February 1920, a group of alumni gathered together with Founding Headmaster The Reverend Sydney Buckley and decided to form an Old Ivanhoe Grammarians’ Association. Among those present were first day boys from 1915 including: Les Knorr, Tom Sutton, Cecil Martin, Clarence Ludbrooke, Barton Adams and Len Allan. It was decided that the name would be ‘The Old Ivanhoe Grammarians’ Association’ and that the meetings would be monthly. The annual subscription was to be the equivalent of 50 cents today.

The first President of the Association was Mr John Benson from the Class of 1916. Mr Benson was a teacher at the School and went on to become the longest serving master in the history of the School retiring after 47 years of service in 1966.  The Gymnasium is named after him.

The first official meeting of the Association was held on 27 March 1920. Since then, the Association has changed and strengthened and members are now admitted on the basis of a once only Life Membership fee.  Membership is currently in excess of 5000 Life members.

First AGM in 1920

OIGA Grants

The Old Ivanhoe Grammarians’ Association recognises the importance of supporting our Life Members in various ways, one of which is financially. The OIGA has designed an application whereby Life Members of the Association are able to apply for a ‘Grant’ which seeks to support, strengthen and develop closer ties to OIG Groups, Clubs and / or individuals.

The OIGA has previously given out Grants to OIG Sporting Clubs to assist with the running of their Clubs, individual Life Members who organise an event which seeks to bring alumni together, and individuals who are participating in a fun run, marathon or cycle for a particular charity. The OIGA encourages Life Members to get in touch and apply for a grant.