Jordan O’Neil ’07- 2XU Wellness Run

Jordan O’Neill ’07, his team (many of whom are alums) and his company O2 Events are organising the 2XU Wellness Run/Walk to take place on the 5 December 2021 at Catani Gardens, St Kilda.

This first time event is proudly supporting  Beyond Blue.

If your workplace is looking for a way to get everyone moving for their wellness/mental health and would like to raise funds for Beyond Blue’s 24/7 Support Services in the process, this event is a great vehicle to achieve both.

Jordan informed the OIGA that Nick Butler ’00 will be commentating at the event and he is aware alumni have registered.

This is a great opportunity to gather some friends and participate.  Use the code OIGA10 to receive a 10% discount!

You can also email to set up your company or group if you are having difficulties. Visit 

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