2021 OIGA Encouragement Award Recipients

Congratulations to Rosie Pettenon who is the 2021 recipient of the OIGA Encouragement Award.
Rosie commented “I began with a charcoal drawing of a girl I was babysitting and then painted undercoats in vivid green before building up the layers of oil paint to create the delicate form of the face and hands. I spent 3 days of Open Studios in the June school holidays in Locksley working 6 hours a day on this painting.”
Claudia was awarded the 2021 OIGA Excellence and Encouragement Award. Claudia has a passion for creativity and was given the opportunity in her Year 10 Product Design and Technology class to design and make a bed for her pet chihuahua. Claudia enjoys working with all mediums available in the arts and in this case her choice was wood. She was inspired to create an elegant bed fit for a princess. Claudia is currently studying Year 11 Product Design and Technology and Studio Arts, intending to have a career in the Art and Design Field.
*Pictured is Rosie Pettenon’s artwork
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